Zumba fitness class in Ghent will benefit Humane Society

GHENT, N.Y. – A Zumba instructor will host a fitness class to benefit the Columbia-Green Humane Society/SPCA.

On Wednesday, August 28, Mary Cary will host the class at the West Ghent Firehouse.  Cary is a licensed instructor for Zumba dance, a program created in the 1990s which combines dance and aerobics.

Class admission is either $8 cash or donations of items valued at $8 from the shelter's wish list.  All proceeds will benefit the shelter.

On Wednesday, The Columbia-Greene Humane Society and SPCA investigators removed 47 dogs, four birds, and one cat from an alleged animal hoarder in the town of Ghent.  More than 300 people applied to adopted the animals.

The class will be held at the West Ghent Firehouse from 6PM to 7:30PM on Wednesday.



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