Vermont residents with AT&T can text 911 for a trial period

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Vermont residents will be able to use their mobile phones to text 911 for a
trial period.

According to the Enhanced 911 Board in Vermont, AT&T
customers in the state will be able to send a text message to 911 for emergency
help during a six month trial.

This trial period begins today.

To use text-to-911, AT&T customers should only use the
texting option when calling is not possible. 
The first text message should contain specific location information and
the nature of the emergency.  Emergency
personnel cannot access cell phone location for those using the texting
service.  Also, abbreviations and slang
should not be used. 

The board is working with other wireless carriers, who have
already taken steps in an agreement with the National Emergency Number Association
and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials.

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