Fort Edward man charged with infant’s murder in court

FORT EDWARD, N.Y. – A Fort Edward Village judge ruled Friday that there is enough probable cause to transfer the case of a man accused of causing the death of his 3-month-old son, Baby Brett, to a higher court.

During the preliminary hearing for Kevin King, prosecutors called New York State Police Investigator Joseph Bearor to the stand. He spoke about a written statement given by King, admitting to hurting his infant son. It was also stated that King admitted he was playing a video game and the baby wouldn't stop crying when he lost his temper, shook the baby, and slammed him against the cement floor. A video was played in court on Friday of King demonstrating on a doll, showing police how he hurt his infant son.

According to court papers, Brett suffered traumatic injuries to the head and abdomen, a skull fracture, and blood loss. The baby was transported to Albany Medical Center where he succumbed to his head and internal injuries.

At the end of the hearing, the judge did not grant King bail, and has now handed this case over to the County Court.

King has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter in connection to the death of his son.

King's attorney, Michael McCure, couldn't comment on the case. Earlier this month, he asked for a competency exam and doctor's found his client to be fit to stand trial.

The case will be presented to a grand jury in the next few weeks.

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