Hudson Falls library board responds to reading club controversy

HUDSON FALLS, N.Y. – The Hudson Falls Free Library Board of Trustree President has responded to the controversy surrounding 9-year-old Tyler Weaver's award for being the “top reader” at the library for the past five years in a row.

The Post Star first ran the story when Tyler's mother contacted the newspaper to inform them of her son's accomplishment. However, when the newspaper reached out to Library Director Marie Gandron for comment, she expressed her frustration over the contest and said Tyler should step aside to give other children a chance to win.

Gandron told NEWS10 on Tuesday the statements she made to the newspaper were taken out of context. The Post Star's editor Ken Tingley responded to this saying, “The Post-Star stands by the story. The quotes were accurate and nothing was taken out of context. At no time has Ms. Chandon contacted the newspaper to say she was 'misquoted' or that her comments were 'taken out of context' and she has not asked for a correction.”

Read NEWS10's original story here: Hudson Falls boy says librarian wants him to step down as 'top reader'

Board president, Michael Herman, released the following statement to NEWS10:

“For more than four decades, the goal of Hudson Falls Free Library's summer reading program has been to encourage and inspire children toward a lifelong love of reading — and we have been immensely successful.

This year, thirty children read ten or more books over their summer vacation. That's the good story we should be sharing and celebrating, and we're sorry that some unfortunate comments have overshadowed the accomplishments of Tyler Weaver and all of the participants in our program.

Tyler has achieved an impressive record of reading the most books in our program for five years in a row, and deserves our applause for that. In an era where technology too often keeps children's noses pointed at text messages and video games, Tyler and the other “Dig into Reading” kids have embraced the wonderful world of books, and for that they should all be proud.

Looking forward, the Library Board and staff will be reviewing the way in which our program works to ensure that it continues to meet its goal of encouraging as many children as possible to spend time reading over the summer

We thank Tyler and all of our young friends of Hudson Falls Free Library for sharing their love of reading with us, and we look forward to reading and learning with them for many years to come.”


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