Capital Region resident finally able to contact family in Egypt

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – A local man was struggling to contact his family in Egypt has finally managed to get through to his relatives and check on their wellbeing

Saratoga Springs resident Mohamed Amin says he has spoken with his loved ones and has been told everyone is safe. They are now locked in their homes for fear of what's happening on the streets.

Amin says he was relieved to hear his family is safe, but increasing violence has him fearing for their safety.

Speaking with his sister in-law, Mona Ellassiey, who lives in the city of Alexandria, he heard first-hand of the violence happening throughout the country.

Ellassiey tells Amin that she's scared, and that the family has locked themselves inside their home.

“They shut down the windows, the balconies, and they're very scared to go anywhere,” said Amin.

The Egyptian death toll has surpassed 600, and Ellassiey says she believes the Muslim Brotherhood is behind most of the violence. She tells Amin the Muslim brother has issued threats against people caught supporting the armed forces.

With protests planned for Friday, coinciding with a Muslim holy day, Ellassiey expects more violence.

Mona stressed to Amin she hopes the world doesn't support the Muslim Brotherhood and instead allows Egypt to resolve its problems.

“I would say to the world, let the Egyptian deal with it, don't interfere,” she adds.

Amin says he plans to stay in contact with his family throughout the unrest. 

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