Moose sightings in Greenwich

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GREENWICH, N.Y. – A moose is on the loose in the town of Greenwich.

The moose has been seen wandering around the town this week, last spotted in a cow pasture in the field of Seacord Farm. Julie Seacord says she first spotted the enormous animal on Sunday.

Seacord was on her way home from the Adirondacks, hoping to see a moose there, when really she only needed to go to her own yard.

The rare sighting turned Seacord Farm into a mini attraction for dozens of people looking to get a glimpse at the six- or seven-feet-tall animal.

“We had someone from Maryland that drove here overnight,” Seacord said.

As soon as Kate Santoris found out about the moose, she drove straight from work, and there it was, middle of field.

Santoris said the moose didn't seem to care so many people were watching it.

“I think she found a liking to have cows around,” she said.

She believes the female moose is still in the area.

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