ValleyCats, Girl Scouts help AT&T host anti-distracted driving campaign

N.Y. – In an effort to educate the public, particularly the increased number of
teens behind the wheel during summer months, about the dangers of texting and
driving local officials, the Tri-City ValleyCats and AT&T employees have
joined together to organize a four-day “It Can Wait” anti-texting-while driving-campaign.

“We're at
the mid-point in the summer for the 100 deadliest days for U.S. teen drivers,
the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day,” said Marissa Shorenstein,
AT&T New York president.

The event
began Thursday and will continue through to Sunday. Each location received a
special appearance by the ValleyCats and featured online driving
simulators.  The online simulator is
available free to the public at

were encouraged to take a public pledge to never text message while drive again

Girl Scouts
from Wynantskill also attended Saturday's event at the 307 Troy Road location,
encouraging the public to take the pledge and holding a food drive. 

campaign's big finish will begin at 4 p.m. and continue until the end of
Sunday's ValleyCats game against Hudson Valley. Local officials and the
ValleyCats mascot will be available with three wheel/pedal driving simulators
near the front gate of the Joseph L. Bruno Stadium.

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