Dean Giagni, Photographer/Editor

Facts are the foundation of good news reporting. But there's an
art to good storytelling. And, if a picture paints a thousand words,
video can provide an even clearer and more complete picture for a story.
Dean Giagni has been providing such creative insight at NEWS10 for more
than eight years. Prior to his current job as a
photographer and editor, Dean ran art galleries (and restaurants) in New
York City, Philadelphia and Detroit.

puts that artistic eye to work every day as he searches for and edits
video for the noon, 4 and 5 pm shows. But television news is constantly
evolving and so have Dean's job duties. He's also responsible for
maintaining our video archive of stories so that everyone can find the
file video they need. In fact, Dean has become part librarian and
archivist with our transition from tape to digital.

asked what he likes most about his job, Dean says, “I really like
knowing what's happening. I'm kind of an information junkie. My wife
doesn't watch the news, she says it's too easy to get it from me! I also
really like the crew of people we work with.”

he's not at work, Dean enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.
It's also fitting that in his spare time, he loves to write and produce
short films. Remember his name because you just might see it in the
credits of a film one of these days!

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