Schenectady PD warns residents of National Grid impostors

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — The Schenectady Police Department is
currently investigating several incidents within the past month where an
individual claims to be from the National Grid Disconnect Department.

In each instance, an individual calls a local business or
individual and informs the business or individual that they owe a certain
amount of money and that if it is not paid within the hour, they are going to
disconnect the power.  The caller asks
the business or individual to put a certain amount of money on a prepaid card
and call them back immediately to give them the numbers on the front and back
of the card. 

According to police, it appears that this scheme is not only
limited to the Schenectady area, but may also be occurring within other
jurisdictions.  National Grid has been
notified and informed the Schenectady Police Department that a “Disconnect
Department” does not exist within their organization.

Anyone with any further information regarding these
instances is urged to contact the Schenectady Police Departments Detective
Division at #518-382-5200.

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