Despite high temperatures, Saratoga Race Course is open for the season

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. –Despite the heat, the Saratoga
Race Course is open for the season.

“The excitement, there's nothing like the
excitement,” said Alan Moore of Nigraville.

Anticipation for the 150th anniversary season has
been building; the heat that came with it was not welcomed.

Justin Rising told NEWS10 he knew it would be
uncomfortable when he drove up from Schenectady, but he says there's no better
way to celebrate his 21st birthday. But he is taking precautions to stay safe.

“We got tents set up to get some shade and try and beat
this heat.”

Others, like George Chacon and his wife tried to embrace
the heat.

“Doesn't bother me. Little bit of sweat. It's all right,”
said Chacon.

Meteorologists said it would hit about 95 degrees during the
day Friday, but to many in attendance it felt hotter. But those that turned out,
whether out of tradition or for their first time, tell NEWS10 the higher
temperatures really weren't that bad. They sought out shade at picnic tables or
brought their own chairs. Water was also a necessity, although some like James
Mikolaycik say an adult beverage couldn't hurt.

“I got a cocktail. I got a hat. We're in the shade.
It's good,” he said.

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