Camp Schodack takes precautions for kids in the heat

NASSAU, N.Y. – Staff at Camp Schodack provide dozens of fun outdoor activities for the children to enjoy, including rock wall climbing, zip lining, and horseback riding. In this intense heat, camp directors have taken every precaution to ensure the kids are safe, says Camp Schodack owner Paul Krouner.

“We make sure the kids have constant means for hydration. When they lose their water bottles, we immediately provide them with replacements, so they can fill up as often as they want,” Krouner says.

“They love the swimming pools. Sunscreen is applied to the children three times a day. They each have a personal fan per camper in their cabins. The kids don't even care how hot it is out there; they prefer outdoor activities. We have to make sure they are enjoying them as safely as possible,” he continues.

Camp Schodack is open seven weeks out of the year. Staff members say they spend the rest of the year, not only registering children for the next summer, but thinking of new ways to keep kids safe in blistering temperatures.

“The children are our priority. We are a camp, but we're also a family,” Krouner says.

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