Stephanie Dugan, Editor for NEWS CENTER in the Morning

It takes some real night owls to keep a news operation going around the clock and Stephanie Dugan has been putting those night eyes to work for seven years now. She's one of the original hires from when FOX23 launched its morning show in 2006. Stephanie's duties include gathering all the video content for editing the newscasts. She then edits the video to match the script and makes sure everything is all set and ready for air. After the show, she cleans out parts of the NEWS CENTER's systems to help keep them running at a good pace. She deletes old stories and clips out of the system that take up space and can bog it down. Another very important aspect of her job is archiving stories on a daily basis so we can use that video for follow-up stories.

Stephanie loves breaking news and enjoys the challenge of working under pressure, which is a great asset in the news business! When asked what she likes most about her job, “It never gets boring. Yes my job of editing every day is the same but I'm never editing the same stories. The news is always changing and its different every day. An added bonus is being able to stay up to date on current events.”

Stephanie loves animals and is a vegetarian who enjoys cooking. She can cook up some great eats without even using a recipe. In fact, if she hadn't chosen news for a career she likely would have gone to the Culinary Institute of America. She also loves to read and when she heads outdoors, it's usually for the water to release some stress. She grew up on the water boating with her dad and remains an avid boater.

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