Matt Vars, Photographer/MMJ/Editor

Matt Vars likes being “on the go”.  He also enjoys variety.  His job
at NEWS CENTER fills both bills. As a photographer, he's out covering
various news stories with a reporter. They work together to “package”
the video and audio elements you see on air. As a Multimedia Journalist,
he'll go out on his own to shoot stories and sometimes package them on
his own. But Matt not only edits the video he shoots out in the field,
he's responsible for editing the newscasts on the weekends. When he does
that he's pulling video from many different sources and feeds.

started at FOX23 four years ago after attending The New School for
Radio and Television. What does he like most about his job? “The
different stories we cover from day to day,” he says.

he's not a work, Matt likes to relax and watch sports. He especially
likes following the Yankees and the New York Giants, but also loves auto
racing. That's fitting considering Matt always likes to be on the move!

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