Josh Koumjian, 10 PM Producer

If the old saying “All roads lead to Rome” were applied to television news, the producer's desk would be Rome. All the content in the show goes through the producer. For the NEWS CENTER on Fox23 at 10, Josh Koumjian has been the guy for nearly five years.

As a producer, Josh plays a vital role in the afternoon meeting to determine which stories the reporters will be assigned. The flow of news is very fluid though, and sometimes the reporters will have to move for breaking news. The producer is involved in that decision and has to adjust the rundown for the newscast accordingly. There's an art to building a rundown, figuring out which stories from other sources such as the wires and video feeds will be put in the newscast and where. Josh also works on the graphics for the show with the director. Once the show starts, it's all about the execution of that rundown. That also requires adjustments on the fly in case a live shot goes or there's developing news. It is the producer's responsibility to keep the show on time too.

What does Josh like most about his job? “My favorite thing about producing and working in news is that it's something different every day. I also love telling the feel-good stories that don't always lead our newscast. I love helping people achieve their goals, or highlighting someone who goes above and beyond in the community,” says Josh. “I also love the rush of breaking news. Not many people would say this – but I love tossing out everything I've worked on all day and changing the show up to include all the breaking news happening at that moment.”

Another thing Josh likes is that he's one of the few people who gets to work with his spouse (Lisa Koumjian is another producer to be featured soon). Josh is from Troy and when he isn't working, he loves spending time with Lisa and his family.

Josh's hobbies revolve around the outdoors, including golf and horse racing. In fact, he's had a Hole in One and he's hit a Pick 6 in Horse Racing. While luck may be on Josh's side, we are certainly lucky to have Josh on our side!

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