Three day Camp Bisco Music Festival begins

MARIAVILLE, N.Y. – The Camp Bisco Music Festival attracts more than 12,000 people to the Capital Region every year for the three day concert.

Camp Bisco began Thursday at the Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville, but a day before it started; State Police had already arrested four concertgoers on their way to the grounds.  

Police said it happens every year and that they step up patrols in and around the area. Many neighbors have voiced concerns about drugs and loud music. NEWS CENTER reached out to Camp Bisco for comment, but they declined.

“It's just a beautiful place to be and there's just so many good people and good vibes everywhere and really good music too,” said one concertgoer.

Some neighbors are taking matters into their own hands, putting up tape to deter concertgoers from going onto their property.

“We run into people that are using drugs right in front of us. We smell it. They get belligerent when we ask them to move on, when we ask them to watch their language,” said resident Sue Weakly.

Weakly lives just down the road from the concert grounds and said she put up tape in front of her house to keep concertgoers off her property.

“The community is small and this concert is literally held in people's backyards, so to speak. This is where we live. We should not have to stop how we live so someone can have a concert,” she said.

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