Music Mobile rolls through Albany teaching kids good lessons

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Music Mobile has been rolling through Albany since
1977; a long time and there's a good reason why it's considered one of the city's gems.

Ruth Pelham is the heart and soul of the program. Her
excitement over every event is just as genuine as it was at the start of the program 36-years-ago. She founded the program in 1977 as a way of fostering respect, understanding and cooperation.

“We're not a fixed program that's scripted and
repetitive like that. We really bounce off the group that's here and they
bounce off us,” Pelham explains.

Every year she attracts new children, some who have heard about the Music Mobile and others who just stumble upon the experience.

“I think it's awesome, music is a great way to
reach kids,” said one father, Brig McCutcheon. “They like singing and we make up songs, it's good.”

With singing, artwork and at times imagination, Pelham is hoping to turn a new twist on some good old fashion

“You do what you have to do to make things work
and to go out of the box because if you just stay in the box things don't
change, you don't grow and you get stuck,” Pelham said.

The Big Voices for Little People Free Friday
program runs in Washington Park for the next three weeks.

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