Montgomery County K-9 Bear passes away

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says their K-9 Bear has passed away. Bear was 11-years-old when he died peacefully the evening of July 11th.

joined the Sheriff's Office in May of 2003 and was
the partner of Deputy Jason R. Nare.

Shortly thereafter Deputy Jason R. Nare and K-9 Bear
became a New York State Certified Patrol and Narcotics K-9 Unit graduating from
the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office basic K-9 school.  Later in Bear's career Deputy Nare and K-9
Bear became certified by NAPWDA a National K-9 Organization for certifying K-9

Bear and Jason enjoyed many years together as a
successful K-9 Team. In April 2012, Bear
retired and remained Jason's off-duty partner until his recent passing.

Bear and Jason are most famous for their many
successful tracks and drug finds. The
team was successful in locating thousands of dollars worth of drugs and
locating and arresting many suspects throughout K-9 Bear's career. Deputy Nare and K-9 Bear also did hundreds of
local demonstrations touching thousands of citizens within Montgomery County.

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