Missy the missing horse found alive and well

SPRAKERS, N.Y. — Earlier in the week, the NEWS CENTER brought you the story of Missy, a quarter horse mare in Montgomery County who was spooked after a riding accident and ran off.

When we first posted a picture of Missy on Monday night, it was shared over a thousand times on Facebook. The story became so popular, the owner tells the NEWS CENTER she was getting phone calls from California and Arizona to offer help.

Now, exactly one week later, there is a very happy ending to this story – Missy was found alive and well.

“There was no hoof prints, there was nothing, not a sound.  I really didn't think I would bring her home,” said Christie Sanders, owner of the horse.

She said she was riding Missy in the fields behind her barn in Sprakers when they came upon a fallen tree right in their path.

“We just ran right into a tree,” she told NEWS CENTER on Monday. “It knocked me out, and she took off.” 

“In my heart I knew there was nothing wrong, but your brain starts getting in there and says, ‘well, you haven't found her yet,'” she said.

After a week of searching hundreds of acres of woods behind her barn, Sanders decided to give it one more try.

“I crossed a trail, and I saw where the deer path picked up again, so I continued on it.  I looked up and she was just standing there looking at me, and I said ‘oh my god, there is my horse!'”

She said her saddle was still on and Missy had lost about 70 pounds in a week's time, but otherwise, she was unharmed.

Sanders said she is overwhelmed by all of the support she received on Facebook, saying that support is what kept her hope alive.

“You just start bawling your eyes out because you can't find her, so you hop on Facebook and just check things out, and people say ‘it's okay, you'll find her, you'll find her,' and I said ‘alright, we'll try again tomorrow!'”

She tells the NEWS CENTER she'll never know Missy's exact journey this past week, but she was found 20 to 30 yards from the edge of the woods.

“We went in together as a team, and we went out together as team,” she said. “We're both healthy and we're happy now.”

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