Fort Plain residents get some support

FORT PLAIN, N.Y. – It's been exactly two weeks since flash flooding caused major damage to the village of Fort Plain, now residents are focused on a long term recovery plan.

Residents have been focused on cleaning up, but some now realize it will be a matter weeks or months until they are back on track. The Fulton and Montgomery Long Term Recovery Committee met for the first time Thursday, bringing together those that want to
help in an effort to decide how best to get back on track efficiently and effectively.

Dozens of residents gathered inside the Methodist Church on Center Street Thursday, joining the Red Cross, National Grid, several churches and organizations that have been helping residents focus on the best way to move forward.

“The short term was getting the muck and the
debris out to the road,” says Reverend Nancy Ryan with the Fort Plain Reformed Church. “Now it's shifting into the
cleaning pieces now, the moldy basements, drying things out, so there's a need
for dehumidifiers, fans and that sort of thing.”

One focus of the meeting is to determine the best way to distribute the clothes, food, cleaning supplies, and more that have been donated. Residents were also able to speak to the appropriate resource to address their needs. The Red Cross says it will continue to distribute food to residents, as that is still needed around the village.

“Coordination is going to be key moving
forward and specialization, making sure each organization knows what their role
is and how they figure into the bigger picture,” says Josh DeBartolo, the Director of Schoharie Recovery. “It takes many hands and many
different organizations for recovery to happen.”

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