Gov. Cuomo unveils new methods to catch distracted drivers

ALBANY, N.Y. — Days after signing harsher penalties for distracted driving into law, Governor Cuomo has unveiled new methods to catch violators, and that includes having state troopers on patrol in unmarked SUV's.

The governor's office says those undercover SUV's are higher off the ground, giving troopers a better chance to look down at drivers, and they will even come in a variety of colors to better blend in with traffic.

Cuomo admits the efforts may sound harsh, but he says it's all part of changing the culture of drivers using phones and other devices behind the wheel.

“Enforcement works. It's not pleasant, but enforcement works,” he said.

The new distracted driving laws raise violations from three to five points on drivers licenses and increases suspensions for newer drivers who are caught.  A second offense within six months will revoke a probationary license for six months and a junior license for 60 days.

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