Update: Nearly 50 cars derailed in Mohawk train accident, cleanup underway

MOHAWK, N.Y. – Crews continue work to clean up the derailment of two
trains that occurred in the town of Mohawk Thursday morning.

The derailment occurred around 8 a.m. as two trains headed in opposite directions sideswiped each other spilling cargo including lumber, soil, and rice into the road. No hazardous cargo

Four locomotives
and 45 freight cars derailed in the accident, CSX Transportation says Friday.

One of the trains was
traveling from Avon, Indiana to Selkirk, NY, with four locomotives and 126
freight cars.  The other train was moving from Selkirk, NY, to New Castle,
Pennsylvania, with two locomotives and 83 freight cars.

Two crew members were
taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries. 

Efforts are underway to clear derailed cars from the railroad,
and to continue cleaning up the diesel fuel that spilled as a result of the
accident. CSX expects to restore service on one track on Saturday, and to
restore service on the other track on Sunday.

Route 5 remains closed between State Highway 334 in Mohawk and Route 10 in the town of Palatine for cleanup efforts.

The cause of
the incident remains under investigation.

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