Homes destroyed after Herkimer County flooding

ILION, N.Y. – “This is probably one of the worst floods that
we've had so far,” said one resident of Ilion in Herkimer County on Friday.

Flash flooding in Herkimer County turned into a serious
situation quickly; hundreds of rescues were made as crews worked fast to
beat the rising water of the Mohawk River.

People living here in the Village of Ilion say they have
seen flooding before, but everyone NEWS CENTER spoke to say it has never been this bad. 

A rush of water flooding out West Street looks more like a river than a road on Friday. Mayor John Stephens says
keeping everyone say was a huge under taking.

“In the beginning we were able to start getting
people with pick-up trucks, and then the water just got too high and our DPW
utilized dump trucks and front end loaders because we could get in and get the
people out,” Stephens said.

On Otsego Street, residents will be cleaning up for a while once they can get back in their homes. “Our back yard is destroyed, our pool is gone,
our fence is gone, and everything is destroyed.”

The Steele Creek spilled over its banks; the force
so powerful a concrete wall built in 1899 crumbled.

Residents say they will be cleaning up for a while, but
everyone says they are thankful no one was seriously hurt.

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