Emergency crews in Johnsburg respond to flooding problems

JOHNSBURG, N.Y.  – A state of emergency has been declared in Johnsburg where emergency responders in the town have been working against a raging waterway Friday that has caused major damage to a road and the evacuation of a home there.

“I've lived here all my life. I've never seen this
brook anywhere near this high,” said Jim Harrison, the Assistant Fire Chief in the neighboring town of North River.

The family was evacuated from their home on Barton Mines Road, as the water from a stream called Little Brook, located just feet from the home, became waste deep. Harrison along with city engineers have been working to keep traffic off the road and trying to determine whether more residents are at risk.

Barton Mines Road is just one of the roads in Johnsburg and neighboring communities that have seen damage from rising waterways. Another home just up the road had its driveway and bridge washed away in the raging water.

Traffic has been diverted from Barton Mines Road due to the flooding.


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