Division St. Elementary school parents call for principal’s termination

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – Parents are calling the attrition rate at the Division Street Elementary School in the Saratoga Springs School District alarming, after they say the school has lost more than a dozen teachers in one year and the principal is to blame.

“I've never heard of a situation where you have this many staff and teachers voluntarily removing themselves from an environment,” parent Seth Finkell said.

Many parents blame the principal and are asking for her termination after she has worked at the school for ten years.

“People don't leave organizations or companies,” Nicole Bullard added. “They leave people.”

Parents call the atmosphere inside the school “caustic.”

“I believe she is a bully,” Judy Soukup said. “She has made teachers describe themselves as paranoid and cowards. This is not what we need for our students.”

“This is a very serious set of circumstances,” Finkell added. “As a parent, I ask you to take this very seriously.”

But one parent did ask the board members to look at all sides.

“If we're going to take such great steps at attacking a woman who has ten years at a school and has a career and a career path, I think we need primary evidence,” Jennifer Leidig said.

Board of Education members and the district's superintendent assured the parents that their concerns will be addressed and to be patient with the process.

“We take this issue very, very seriously,” Superintendent Michael Piccirillo said. “We will be discussing it tonight, and I'm sure for future days. We will come up with a plan and communicate that plan to the parents of the Division Street community and hopefully move forward and rectify the situation.”

The Board of Education says it is a long process to take complaints into
consideration and they need to hear the side of the principal herself. Once a
decision has been made, they will inform the public.

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