Tim Kruse, Technical Media Operator

Tim Kruse had to learn fast- he started working in TV
news production on September 9, 2001, just two days prior to the 9/11
terror attacks.  That was back in his home town of Rockford, Illinois.  Then in 2007, he moved to Albany to work at WTEN. 

a Technical Media Operator (TMO), Tim's primary responsibility is
directing News Center in the Morning on 10ABC newscasts. Coffee is
mandatory as Tim's shift begins at 3 am when he starts coding the show
to determine which camera will be used for the different anchors,
reporters and meteorologists during the show. From time to time, Tim
will pulled out the beast of a ladder in the studio and climb it to
replace burnt out light bulbs before the show. After directing the
morning newscasts and Good Morning America cut-ins, he spends the rest
of his shift quality checking 10ABC syndicated programs (Wheel of
Fortune, Jeopardy!, etc.), making sure the right episode is ready for
playback with no video or audio glitches.

does Tim like most about his job? “I work with a great group of people,
both on-air talent and behind the scenes crew members, who have a
fun-spirited attitude, especially so early in the morning. Otherwise, I
like the challenge of directing breaking news situations, especially
severe weather – because I do not always know what may happen next, and I
sometimes have to make last second changes on the fly. I feel working
in TV news is a privilege!”

Tim hails from The Land of Lincoln, but he prefers to talk about Rockford being the land of  the rock band “Cheap Trick”.  Oh,
it's also the original home of red heel socks to make sock monkeys!
With that kind of pedigree, Tim was bound to work in television news.

Interestingly, Tim originally
wanted to be a meteorologist but says, “I had a tough go drawing
three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional chalkboard during
calculus classes.”  He still enjoys rooting for the Huskies of his alma mater
Northern Illinois University. His hobbies include golf; still
photography; reading John Grisham novels; and traveling “whenever time
and money allows”.

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