Jeff Beatty, Master Control Operator

Whoever sits in the chair back in “master” has final control
over what hits the airwaves.  While the director and producer are back
in “sub control” during the newscast determining what we want you to
see, it's Jeff Beatty and the other master control operators who throw
the main switch to determine what is sent into your home. That means he
runs the commercial breaks for live programming, whether it be the
newscasts, sports broadcasts or breakings news, including severe weather cut-ins.

most jobs these days, everyone at the NEWS CENTER multi-tasks. For
instance, Jeff also checks the studio before the shows to make sure no
lights are burned out. He also runs the audio board for some newscasts.
Sometimes, he even runs the teleprompter which puts the news scripts in
front of the camera lens for the anchors to read.

Jeff has
been with the NEWS CENTER a little over a year now.  What does he like
most about his job? “My co-workers, they're great people to be around
and I love coming to work each day,” he says. We enjoy Jeff, too!

Outside of work, Jeff is pretty laid back but likes to hit the gym.  He also tries to catch as many Red Sox games as possible.

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