Look inside auto body shop connected to radiation terror plot

SCHAGHTICOKE, N.Y. – The NEWS CENTER is getting the first look inside a local auto body
shop connected to the X-ray radiation terror plot allegedly schemed by two local men.

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, 49-year-old Glendon
Scott Crawford, a General Electric manufacturing employee and the accused mastermind behind the bizarre scheme, was arrested
in Shorty's Auto Body Shop on Route 40 in Schaghticoke Wednesday.

The NEWS CENTER got ahold of photos from inside the
auto shop from the real estate broker who is selling the property, John Fischer of Metro World Properties. The pictures were taken
before the FBI made the arrest.

Fischer says he has been trying to sell the property
since February. He tells the NEWS CENTER the owners of the building wouldn't allow him
to sell it just yet because there were tenants using the space.

However, he did get inside the building to take pictures for
interested clients. During that time, he says there were “sophisticated cameras”
everywhere and became suspicious. He thought the tenants could be drug dealers.

Fischer says it all makes sense to him, after he saw the auto body shop on the news earlier this week. Shorty's and General Electric were both raided by the FBI Tuesday in connection to the investigation.

Crawford and another man, Eric Feight of Hudson, have been charged in federal court with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists by use of a weapon of mass destruction.

The 67-page complaint states that their scheme was to
create a mobile, remotely operated, radiation emitting device in trucks capable of killing targeted individuals – specifically Muslims and several other groups  that he perceived as hostile to the interests of the United States –  silently with lethal doses of
X-ray radiation. The undercover investigation began in April 2012.

Fischer says he did cross paths with the tenants, who were
undercover agents, when he wanted access to the building. He says he is
shocked something like this could happen in such a quaint town. He says he now has the keys to the auto shop and
is looking for interested buyers.

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