Heart health in the spotlight after Gandolfini death

ALBANY, N.Y. – James Galdolfini's death at 51 after
suffering cardiac arrest has led to questions of whether there could have been
early warning signs that his heart was in trouble.

Dr. Joseph Sacco, a cardiologist and a member of the Capital
Region advisory board of the American Heart Association, says many times, a
person's first sign of heart trouble is their last. He says this is likely what
happened to Gandolfini.

Dr. Sacco says don't be fooled by the fact that
Gandolfini was a middle aged man with a few extra pounds on him. Cardiac arrest
can happen to anyone, young, old, fit or overweight.

With heart attack being the number one killer of adults
in the United States, Dr. Sacco says everyone should take cardiac health to

Although Gandolfini was a white male, the groups on the
rise for risk of heart disease, heart attack, and cardiac arrest are women and
African Americans.

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