Schools, students affected by Middleburgh flooding

MIDDLEBURGH, N.Y. — River Street lived up to its name this afternoon when the best way to navigate the main road into Middleburgh was by kayak.

Main Street with its many businesses was completely washed out with a current that made it hard to cross — all of it the result of flash flooding.

“I don't know how much more this town can take,” said Carmella Smith.

She tells the NEWS CENTER it happened in a matter of minutes. But she said her first concern was her two children who were at school.

“It was very scary. I got a call from the school about ten minutes to two, an automated call that they were going to be holding the kids,” said Smith.

The Middleburgh Central School District alerted parents that due to the dangers posed by the flash flooding, they were holding all the students at the elementary school. Michelle Weaver, the superintendent, said the staff jumped into action.

“In Middleburgh, students come first and I think that was very evident. It was a Friday afternoon and everyone was here for students, making sure that students felt safe, making sure that students were having fun and keeping their minds on other things,” said Weaver.

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