Water rises at Riverfront Park in Canajoharie

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CANAJOHARIE, N.Y. — A gate used to keep people from going into the
Mohawk River at the Riverfront Park is almost fully submerged, the dock
barely visible and benches flooded out.

Kristy Zeidner and her husband Justin tell the NEWS
CENTER it's a big change that happened in matter of hours.

“We just walked down here yesterday and this was all
open, the boats down there with the dock. The water was not this high at all,”
said Zeidner.

The Canajoharie Creek winds its way
through much of the village, and in spots it looks more like a river —
brown, muddy water quickly moving upstream.

Matthew Traude is one of many in the area keeping a close
eye those changes.

“They dropped the river yesterday, which made it a
little bit easier. But the more in we got the worse it got as you can tell. My
big concern is that I get home and see how bad my yard is and see what I got to
do next,” said Traude.

Traude is a volunteer firefighter with Canajoharie, so he
says it might be a busy next few days for him, but he's trying to stay


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