Police keep eye on Mohawk River water levels

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – The water level of the Mohawk River is five feet higher than normal Friday morning, causing the Schenectady Police Department to be on scene to monitor its activity.

Heavy rain Thursday caused rising water levels in the Stockade neighborhood, and police went door-to-door Thursday warning residents of potential flooding. Residents say they are used to the flooding and are not very concerned.

“Basically we have a plan and when it gets to a
certain point we put that plan in place,” Stockade resident Betsy Meyer said. “Im dressed in my rain gear that I
bought during Irene.  We had a lot of
damage then and were not looking for anything like that this time but you never



The National Weather Service advised the river would crest by 8 a.m. Friday. The rain stopped around 4 a.m. preventing the river from rising any higher.

Jumping Jacks restaurant, which was hit hard by Irene,
only had a little water in the parking lot. 
As far as this rain, this area dodged a bullet.  But again, the people living here are used to
the risk of high waters.

“We watch, but we don't get too nervous,” said


the water level is projected to reach upwards of 224 feet.

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