Report: Tornadoes up 600% in New York

ALBANY, N.Y. – Assembly members released information Thursday on the growing threat of tornadoes to New York residents, saying tornadoes have increased 600% since 1986.

Marcos Crespo, member of the Assembly Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation, released the report which aggregated data on 407 tornadoes which have impacted the State and
called for diligent government action to protect the safety of New Yorkers
against severe weather.

The report
reviewed 62 years of tornado activity in New York State and documented dramatic
increases in the rate of tornado activity throughout the entire State. It also
itemizes policy recommendations to increase public safety against severe

“Report data
shows 69% of the 407 tornadoes that have impacted New York occurring since 1986,
increasing in frequency over the past decade,” Crespo said.

“What this
report documents is an almost 600% increase in tornadoes impacting New York
since 1970, when the prior 20 years only saw 47 tornadoes, 278 tornadoes have
hit New York since 1986 and has injured hundreds of our residents and caused
tens of millions of dollars in property damage.”

According to
the researchers, the chances of a hurricane hitting New York has doubled in

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