Efforts to revitalize parts of Albany’s south end continue

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ALBANY, N.Y. — Efforts
to revitalize parts of Albany's south end entered phase three Thursday.

Crews broke ground on Alexander
Street this morning, where construction will begin on revitalizing 56 new

In addition to building
the homes, construction will also get underway on a commercial laundromat for
the neighborhood.

Local leaders say the
initiative is not only helping the image of the community but also helping
people find a place they can call their own.

“It's providing people an
opportunity to have a safe home, a quality home, a place where they can raise
their family and they can feel good about themselves and the life they're
leading,” said President of the Albany Common Council Caroline McLaughlin.

The first and second phase of the south end
revitalization project began back in 2008.

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