Testimony wraps up in Warrington trial

WARREN COUNTY, N.Y. — Brandon Warrington was back on the stand Friday in his own defense as final testimony wrapped up on day nine of his murder trial.

The 24-year-old is accused of causing the fatal brain injuries that killed his ex-girlfriend's 5-year-old son. Under tough cross-examination, Warrington said he does not recall using enough force to cause fatal injuries to little Gary Carpenter, but he admitted to tossing the child on the bed, causing him to hit his head on the wall.

He admitted lying several times to police, saying the boy's injuries came from a bicycle accident because he wanted to protect the little boy's mother Jennie Mattison from losing her children.

Warrington maintains Carpenter's mother physically abused him, and refused to let Warrington call 911.

His defense attorney asked for the charges to be dismissed due to lack of evidence, but the request was denied by the judge.

Closing arguments remain, and then the case will be handed over to jurors likely on Monday.

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