Taxpayers could foot the bill in Lopez, Silver lawsuit

ALBANY, N.Y. — Vito Lopez may have resigned his seat in the
Assembly, but the fallout from his alleged misdeeds continues.

Lawsuits filed Thursday by two of his former female staffers
who accuse the disgraced assembly Democrat and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of
working together to cover up Lopez's history of unwanted sexual advances — allowing
it to continue. The two women are also suing the Assembly itself in state

“Some people think they're above the law, when actually
at the end of the day, no one is above the law,” said Damien Creer of the

“I'm never surprised too much when there's something
going on in this town,” said Willie More.

Maybe not surprised, especially when you consider these
allegations first surfaced in August when Silver announced that an assembly
ethics committee had found credible evidence that Lopez had sexually harassed
both women who've now filed the lawsuits. They're seeking unspecified damages but
in the end its taxpayers that will be paying for much of the legal fees along
with any settlements. It left some downright angry.

“It's a waste of time of the citizens that work hard
for this state, live in this state that have to pay money for misconduct. I
don't think it's right,” said Emory Faucette.

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