Judge denies pre-trial motions in deadly Northway crash case

ALBANY, N.Y. — A judge
has denied several pre-trial defense motions filed by the attorney for the
driver charged in a deadly crash on the Northway that killed two Shenendehowa

Dennis Drue's attorney was
trying to keep statements Drue made to authorities from making it to trial.

is facing 59 criminal charges, including 52 felonies, for the accident that killed Chris Stewart and Deanna
Rivers, and seriously injured Mathew Hardy and Baily Wind.

According to investigators, tests revealed his blood alcohol content was over the legal
limit at the time of that crash and that he was impaired by drugs.

Prosecutors also say marijuana and drug paraphilia were both found in Drue's car.

The investigation
revealed that Drue had been operating his car at a high rate of speed,
moving his vehicle from the far left lane into the far right lane.
Drue subsequently made contact with the rear of Stewart's Ford
Explorer, causing both vehicles to leave the road.

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