Brandon Warrington testifies in murder trial

WARREN COUNTY, N.Y. — Brandon Warrington testified in his own defense Thursday as his murder trial continues in Warren County.

The prosecution rested Thursday, finishing up its murder and manslaughter case against Warrington with a doctor who testified that an accident would not likely have caused the injuries that killed 5-year-old Gary Carpenter.

The 24-year-old also took the stand in his own defense, recounting the events of November 15, 2012. Warrington wept as he described Gary Carpenter as a loving sweet boy who he considered his own son.

Carpenter was allegedly thrown by Warrington against a shower wall, dying days later from internal injuries. Warrington's lawyer argued that no evidence links Warrington to the fatal injuries, and that Warrington tried to care for the boy after he was hurt.

Warrington accuses the boy's mother Jennie Mattison of being abusive, punishing the boy by making him drink hot sauce, putting his hand on the stove, and kicking him. Warrington says he couldn't get the boy medical attention because he wasn't little Gary's legal guardian.

Warrington admitted on the stand that he did lie when
first questioned about little Gary's condition, and whether he knew Gary's
mother, Jennie Mattison's, whereabouts at the time. Text messages from Mattison
to Warrington, and notes Warrington wrote just after the boy was rushed to Albany
Medical Center, seem to indicate the couple was concocting a story. Warrington
admitted he did lie, but said he did it to keep the kids from being taken away after
Mattison told him not to call 911.

Prosecutors pointed out the many opportunities Warrington
had to help the little boy, including attending a social services meeting on
the morning he found the 5-year-old unconscious, a meeting right across the
street from a health clinic, but he never alerted the clinic.

He arrived at that meeting by bus with a terminal right
across the street from a police station, but he still did not ask for help.

Closing arguments are set for Monday. 

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