Jury finds Antonio Lopez-Bautista guilty in sexual assault case

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — A verdict in an attempted rape and kidnapping of a Saratoga Springs woman was reached Friday.

A jury has found 19-year-old Antonio Lopez-Bautista guilty of five of the nine counts against him for sexually assaulting a woman in Saratoga Springs last year. The five felony convictions include kidnapping, abuse and assault, but he was acquitted of the attempted rape and robbery charges.

According to authorities, on May 22, of 2012, Lopez-Bautista approached the victim in the area of Congress Street and South Franklin Street while she waited in her vehicle for her husband. The victim was allegedly sitting in her car when Lopez-Bautista approached the vehicle from behind and pulled the victim from the vehicle and began to assault her.

Lopez-Bautista then allegedly dragged the woman along the sidewalk and attempted to pull the victim in to an isolated area. Police say he repeatedly punched and kicked her as she attempted to defend herself and yell for help. A caller alerted police to what they described as a 'physical domestic incident.' Lopez-Bautista had fled the scene by the time officers arrived.

The attack was caught on surveillance, which jurors say helped in coming to
a verdict.

Spokesperson for the defense Karen Heggen explained, “What the video did was
confirm the serious of events that the victim in this case set forth to the
jury. About the violent attack, the heinousness of the offense and the ultimate
helplessness the victim experienced.”

Defense Attorney Stacey Gorman says her argument was that Lopez-Bautista wasn't
in his right mind during the time of the attack because he had drank an excess
of alcohol and cough syrup that night.

“He didn't mean to do what he did and we felt we had no choice but to take
the matter to trial,” said Gorman.

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