Flash flooding in Schenectady hurts local business

SCHENECTADY, NY — The deluge of water dumped on Schenectady from Wednesday afternoon's severe thunderstorm was too much for some of the roads to handle.

Lindsay Phillips is a former storm chaser, and was keeping an eye on the radar as the storm moved in over her neighborhood. She snapped pictures of cars, driveways and a large portion of  Hampton avenue all underwater.

“I wasn't expecting it that fast. I've never experienced flash flooding,” she said.

Within minutes a part of Broadway quickly turned into a small lake. People crossing over under the bridge had water up to their waist.

The flash flooding is a problem Jim Smith of Highbridge Pizza is too familiar with. “Every time it rains, this is what happens,” said Smith. “It could be new housing people plugging up drains. People dumping leaves and sticks, I don't know.”

Smith says the water seeps right into his restaurant from the flooding outside the doors of his pizza place. “We lose money every time it rains like this,” he said.

Although, the rain couldn't stop Jim for very long though, after cleaning up and drying the restaurant he was back at it again.

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