Damage is done when Schenectady man is mistakenly arrested

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – A Schenectady man is working to get his good name and his job back after he says he was falsely accused in an alleged drug ring.

Joshua Hunter, 35, was arrested in February during a cocaine sweep conducted by the Office of the New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, accused of being a low-level dealer. To make matters worse for him, he was arrested at his job at Time Warner Cable, in front of his supervisor and co-workers. 

“It's like a nightmare. A three-month nightmare for me,” Hunter said.

Due to the arrest, Hunter lost his job.

The Schenectady dad has maintained his innocence, producing time cards from his job which contradict the AG's claims he was involved in the drug ring and says he has no association with any of the dozen people who were arrested.

And now, the NEWS CENTER has learned that the AG's office has now filed a motion to have the charges dismissed. The motion claims that an informant came forward saying they had the wrong guy.

But Hunter says the damage has been done. “I really want my job back,” he said Thursday. He blames mistaken identity and says an earlier drug conviction, when he was 17, for the mix up.

The Attorney General's office never responded to NEWS CENTER for comment.

Time Warner Cable tells NEWS CENTER that Hunter should contact human resources and that they do not comment on personnel issues.

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