City workers continue to repair Troy sinkhole

UPDATE – City employees say the broken pipe is completely fixed and Lincoln Ave. will be repaired for Thursday evening and open for traffic Friday morning.

TROY, N.Y. – Crews in Troy have been working for the past two days to repair a giant sinkhole in the middle of Lincoln Avenue, a quiet residential street, in the city.

The sinkhole trippled has in size since the ground first broke two days ago on Lincoln Ave. Workers have expanded the hole to around 20-feet wide, 9-feet deep on Thursday to replace old sewar pipes and gas lines destroyed during the collapse.

Troy City Engeineer Russ Reeves blames heavy rain from recent thunderstorms for the sinkhole. “Very intense storm occurred over a short period of time. Our sanitary sewar became overloaded and as a result some of the joints separated,” he said. “That sewer line is about 100 years old and undermined the pipe. In doing so, created a sinkhole.”

Workers say it could take up to two weeks to repair the massive hole and then they will start tackling all the smaller holes along the street.

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