Jackpot hopeful’s flock to local ticket hot spot

LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. — Coulson's News
Center tells the NEWS CENTER they've done more sales Friday than they would
normally do for the lotto in one month, tons of people hoping to get their
hands on the $600 million Powerball jackpot.

“I feel lucky you know. I mean
it's a dollar and a dream so who knows,” said Deanna Sobolewski of Westerlo.

Coulson's News Center was a hot
spot for tickets, many choosing it because of its winning lotto history.

“I know that they've won in
here so I just stopped today and just hoping for the best,” said Sobolewski.

“I see they just sold a big
one not too long ago and we threw some money in and we'll see what happens,”
said Pete Peebles of Loudonville.

Jeff Brimmer hopes his office pool wins
like the “Albany Seven” office pool in 2011, which won $319 million in the Mega
Millions lottery.

“We just decided you know
everybody put two dollars in so we got about 21 people just to put in money and
hey it's a couple of bucks. It's kind of just a happy dream so who knows,” said

According to officials, 80 percent
of the possible numeric combinations have already been purchased.

The drawing is set for Saturday
night, but if no one picks the winning numbers it would remain open until

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