Albany Co. executive requests $2.2 million for nursing home expenses

COUNTY, N.Y. — Albany County Executive Dan McCoy is requesting $2.2 million be
moved from the budget contingency fund to pay for Albany County Nursing Home expenses.

request comes one day after Albany County Comptroller Michael Conners II warned
the legislature and McCoy not to play financial chicken with the funding for
the home.

says this decision had to be made because the Democratic Majority chose to table
the discussion of his lease agreement with Upstate Services Group, a private
vender, and send it back to committee.

in the legislature worry that privatizing the nursing home will compromise
care, but McCoy says the county can no longer afford to maintain the home.

losing money, the money that i set aside in the budget, a savings of 2.6
million dollars will start going down, the savings won't be there any more, you
know so it's all costing taxpayers,” said McCoy.

says if the county doesn't reach an agreement the democratic leadership will
have to decide between finding the money, bonding it, or raising property taxes
to pay for the nursing home.

comptroller says the county has until June to come to an agreement.


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