Security to be increased for CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge next week

ALBANY, N.Y. — Albany Police say they'll be stepping up security at the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge which will draw thousands downtown next week.

It's the first big race in downtown Albany since the Boston Marathon bombings three weeks ago.

“Our friends in Boston have important lessons our nation needs to pay attention to,” said Tom McGuire, a race participant.

The Albany Police Department is taking note of those lessons and tightening up security. This week they announced they will not allow backpacks or coolers at the race.

This is the first year that Mark Warner is directing the event; he says he was already nervous about putting on a big event with 9,100 runners representing nearly 500 different groups. Now one of his top priorities is the security of everyone attending the race, from runners to spectators

“I don't think anyone expected anything to happen in Boston, but it happened,” said Warner.

He says there will bomb-sniffing dogs throughout the area, along with a larger police presence

“I did have apprehension for anyone who is at the start like, maybe you don't want to stand by the start of the race,” said Laurel Peterson, who participates in the race every year. “It's difficult to control such a large race, so I think that is a good idea to keep the back packs and anything away.”

If you do plan to bring a few things, Albany Police request you put them in a clear plastic bag.

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