Gov. Cuomo tightening ban on smoking in state parks

ALBANY, N.Y. — As summer approaches, Governor Cuomo is
tightening up the ban on smoking in state parks.

On top of pools and playground areas, smoking will be banned
in public gardens, pavilions and picnic areas.

“I love it,” said Nina Stanley of Albany. 
“I wish they would do that for outside dining.  I want to sit outside
and eat, but I never can cause the smoke just kills me.”

As far as the parks are concerned, outdoor seating areas
near food and beverage concessions are also on the smoke-free list.

“Do it in your back yard stay out of my airspace,”
said Stanley.

“I think it is good, especially for families with young
kids,” agreed Tim Dooley of Albany. “There shouldn't be smoking

The Commissioner for the State Office of Parks, Recreation
and Historic Preservation released a statement Friday saying, “We take the
public's concerns seriously: ensuring the comfort of non-smokers, protecting
the health of children and families from second-hand smoke and promoting
healthy lifestyles.”

The fine if caught smoking in one of the smoke-free areas
could reach as high as $250.

“That might be a little excessive,” said
Dooley.  “I'm thinking they should lower that down.”

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