Street scrubbing kicks of Tulip Festival weekend

ALBANY, N.Y. – The City of Albany cherishes its Dutch heritage which can be seen and heard loud and clear at the annual street scrubbing which marks the official start of the Tulip Festival.

The annual street scrubbing ceremony is a tradition on State Street dating back six decades.

First the layers of shaving cream go down, then a select group of Albany High seniors dressed in traditional Dutch dresses and clogs take to the streets with their brushes in hand for the scrubbing.

“It's definitely awesome being able to carry on the tradition,” says Albany High senior, Molly Burke.

Street scrubbing goes back to a time in the Netherlands and their tradition of cleaning the streets before festivals. For the past 65 years, Albany has held the tradition proud as Mayor Jerry Jennings and both the incoming and outgoing Tulip Courts kick start a tulip-filled weekend.

Tulip Festival runs Saturday and Sunday.

See the full Tulip Festival schedule of events here.

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