Man enters guilty plea in Takim Smith case

TROY, N.Y. — One of the seven people accused in the robbery and deadly stabbing of a man at Corliss Park Apartments in Troy has entered a guilty plea in court.

Keith Ferguson, 19, pleaded guilty acknowledging his involvement in the death of 21-year old Takim Smith back in February. He pleaded guilty to one count of First-Degree Robbery.

Police believe those charged knew that Smith had just been awarded more than $60,000 in a medical settlement and, with intentions of robbing him, used the females to lure him to the apartment with a promise of sex as bait. Once Smith was there, police believe that is when the robbery turned into a fatal stabbing.

Smith's family says the suspects knew Takim, a working father of three, and they had all grown up together.

Ferguson will be sentenced
to 10 years with 5 years post-release, according to the District Attorney. As part of the plea, he will have to cooperate with prosecution and sentencing
imposed after the trials.

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