DOT announces safety changes to Hoosick Street in Troy

TROY, N.Y. – A dangerous section of road and the site of several recent pedestrian accidents in Troy is now getting some attention from the State Department of Transportation.

On Friday, the DOT announced a partnership with the city of Troy to install several improvements along Hoosick Street/Route 7 corridor, which they say will make it safer for pedestrians.

Safety measures already in place include red lights that will stop traffic in all four directions for pedestrians on Hoosick and 10th Street. They have also installed signs that alert drivers that they are not allowed to make a right turn while a pedestrian is crossing.

Officials say the next step is installing elevator buttons for pedestrians along the one-and-a-half miles of Hoosick Street.

Troy Mayor Lou Rosamilia says the safety measures in place on Hoosick Street are just the beginning. He says, educating pedestrians is the next step.

They say police will be stepping up enforcement along Hoosick Street, helping ensure drivers and pedestrians are following the rules of the road.

This comes after several pedestrian-involved accidents just this year. A young mother and daughter were struck by a car trying to cross Hoosick Street in March; two women, in separate incidents in April, were struck crossing the street, one at the intersection with 25th Street and another near Burdett Avenue.

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