Family, friends remember victims of fatal Schenectady fire

N.Y. — Dozens of grieving family members and friends brought flowers and lit
candles in memory Friday night of the four lives lost on Hulett Street, many
still so overcome with emotion.

words of “happy birthday” filled the air Friday night, people singing
the song for victim David Terry who would have celebrated his birthday this
week, also the father of the three children killed in the blaze; Layah Terry,
3,  Michael Terry, 2,  and 11-month-old Donovan Duell.  In
between songs, balloons were sent into the sky in memory of the four lives
lost, cut short by the fire.  Some mourners were wearing superhero
t-shirts in honor of David Terry, who his sister calls a superhero.

asked how much the support from the vigil means to her, Terry sister says,
“It means a lot.  Just to meet some of his friends who I've met over
the past couple of hours.”

grieving immense loss Friday night is the mother of the three children who
died, Jennica Duell.  Duell was too distraught to share any words,
clinging to her family members, trying to cope with the loss of her babies.

Terry, 5, was also a victim of the fire and remains in critical condition at a
burn center in Westchester.

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