Graffiti found near Uncle Sam statues in Troy

TROY, N.Y. – The Troy Police Department is investigating the discovery of graffiti painted on six locations in the downtown area, including on property adjacent to three of the recently unveiled Uncle Sam statues.

Police say sometime in the early morning hours Friday, the suspect(s) spray painted “tags” on buildings which were behind the statues. A total of six “tags” were discovered, all of which appear to be from the same subject; three at Uncle Sam statue locations, one on a World War II monument, and two on buildings with no significant meaning. Police say no statues were tagged.

The investigation is continuing as police find potential witnesses.

The design of the tags has been shared in an effort to identify the suspect (see photos). Criminal charges which may result from a future arrest are Criminal Mischief, at both misdemeanor and felony level, and the misdemeanor of Making Graffiti.

The six graffiti locations are as follows:

— Uncle Sam: 30 Third Street SE corner Broadway and 3rd) west side and north side of building
— Uncle Sam: 200 Broadway, Subway sandwich shop, NE corner of Broadway and 2nd Street
— Uncle Sam: Pioneer Bank, 21 Second Street 2nd between State and Broadway
— World War II Monument: Point of River and Third Streets
— Cinema Art building: 289 River Street on River between 2nd and Fulton
— First Niagra Bank: Parking lot on State St between 3rd and 2nd, west side

On the walls of local business some of the tags read “mot,” which police have not found a meaning for yet.

They statues mean a lot to Francesca Tutunjian who runs her own cafe just a block away from an Uncle Sam statue that was tagged. 

“As a concerned business owner and person who loves it, it's heartbreaking to see so much effort that we all put into the city and someone just comes along and tags our beautiful stuff,” said Tutunjian.

She and her husband, a former mayor of Troy, are now offering a $200 reward for any tips leading to a suspect.

A tipline has been set up, and anyone with information is asked to call #279 7911.

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